How Big Brands are Creating Size-Inclusive Spaces

Aymie Rondeau

Posted on July 29 2019

Nike recently updated their flagship store to include plus-size mannequins to showcase their size-inclusve athletic wear.  This move complements other athletic and athleisure lines like Fabletics’ website and Sportchek Women stores in Canada. 


These mannequins are causing quite the stir, with many celebrating the move and others implying that the plus-size mannequins don’t belong.


To some, this move may seem like a gimmick or not overly important.  But to the plus-size community, the introduction of plus-size models into mainstream spaces is a pivotal moment.  Up to this point, plus-size women don’t often (if ever?) see mannequins or models that look like them in malls, catalogues or the media.


The mannequins also dispute a common stereotype: That you can’t be both healthy and in a larger body.


I am here to wholeheartedly dispute that myth.


Your weight has nothing to do with your health.


Allow me to repeat.  Your weight has NOTHING to do with your health.


There is a TON of research out there showing that there is no correlation between your health and the size of your body.  Like science?  Here’s some more.


The Health-At-Every-Size (HAES) movement also doesn’t claim that being in a larger body means that you’re healthy, just that you CAN BE.  Likewise, being in a smaller body doesn’t equate to health.


I know just as many people who are in thinner bodies and “socially acceptable” clothing sizes, but are constantly sick or lay on the couch all weekend, as I know people in larger bodies who do the same.  Likewise, I know people of ALL shapes, sizes and ages who are physically active and “healthy” eaters.  I’m sure if you put some thought to it too, you can think of people in your life who would fit into either category with no rhyme or reason to their body size.


The next time you’re running errands, look around.  There are people of all shapes, sizes, heights and weights.  No two bodies are alike and we’re not all meant to look the same.  Not to mention that BMI is a bogus framework to begin with, invented in the 1830’s and never meant to apply to weight.


I am here to tell you that your weight is not an indicator of your ability to participate in ANY sort of physical activity.  If you enjoy running, run.  If you prefer to walk instead, go for it!  Personally, I hate running.  I have had shin splints for over 20 years, since I was a competitive athlete in high school, and no amount of physical therapy, acupuncture or other treatments have taken them away.  So rather than investing my time and money into something that is painful, I instead invest my time into activities that I like and feel good, like Yoga, Pilates and TRX classes.


Find an activity that feels good for you, and screw anyone who judges you for doing it. 


And continue to encourage brands of all sizes to expand their selection of sizes and represent size-inclusivity in their stores.  Continuing to be left out of the conversation and mainstream spaces keeps us playing small.


Don’t play small!  PLAY BIG!


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  • Amanda: October 01, 2019

    You rock! Love this blog and love that the curvy movement is catching on by the bigger brands. It is a change that needs to happen! Thanks for the good read!

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