How It All Began

Hi hello! I’m Aymie Rondeau, the founder and creator of The Curvy Shop, and here is how it all began...

The Curvy Shop (formerly Curvy Collective) has been in business since June 2018. I started The Curvy Shop out of my own frustration trying to find fashionable, higher-quality plus- size clothing in Calgary and across Canada.

I have always been a fashionista, spending hours in my Nana’s closet playing dress-up as a child, and I have ALWAYS loved to shop! However, when my body started to change and I found myself shopping for plus-size clothing, that love began to fade. I suddenly hated shopping and would look for clothes that were just “good enough.” As I started to explore and experiment with online brands, my love for fashion and design came back as I discovered this whole new world of clothing I could play with and that actually FIT ME!

In February 2019, I took my idea of launching a plus-size boutique in Calgary to the market and entered the inaugural ATB Financial Build Her Business crowdfunding competition. Throughout the month of February, we competed against 20 female-led businesses from across Alberta and set a target of crowdfunding $5000 towards our start-up costs. The plus-size community rallied behind our cause and on March 8, 2019, International Women’s Day, Curvy Collective was announced as the winner of the competition!

The Curvy Shop is about more than just clothing. We’ve created a safe space and an inclusive community for women of all shapes and sizes to shop in. 

Our goal is to change the conversation around size-inclusivity and body acceptance by bringing better quality, unique and investment pieces firstly to Canadian women, but also to women around the world. 


I hope you enjoy our collection, carefully curated with you – the curvy woman – in mind.

Stay Fabulous!

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