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Aymie Rondeau

Posted on July 05 2022

Hi hello! Welcome to Summer! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and planning some R&R time for yourself!


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about women in the workplace, and how we can better empower one another.


It’s my hunch (and this is just a hunch, I have zero scientific evidence to back this up…just 20+ years of professional experience to back up my claims) that part of the reason women are held back from progressing to higher levels in their careers, the C-Suite, Board roles, etc. is because of how we treat one another. Some of you may know what I’m talking about…those sneaky or bullying behaviours that serve to pull other women down, rather than lifting them up.


Girl on Girl Crime


For women to progress, we absolutely need men to champion and support us as equally as their male counterparts. I’ve been fortunate in my career to work with some exceptional male leaders who helped to empower and mentor me. But perhaps more importantly, we need women to champion each other.


Maybe women are programmed to compete against one another. Do we subconsciously believe that if we encourage or promote a fellow female, we’re somehow taking opportunities or recognition from ourselves? Are there limiting beliefs that we’re somehow forced to share one pie…so if we want to cut extra pieces for our colleagues, we need to take a smaller piece of the pie for ourselves?


Here’s the thing though…there is no limit to the size of the pie. There is unlimited pie – we have the ability to make it bigger! (Clearly, I am very excited about desserts at the moment! 😊)


We Rise By Lifting Others

It costs us nothing to help a colleague or mentor someone less experienced. Share advice and your experiences, provide positive and constructive feedback rather than putting other women down, and champion other women by asking for their opinions and ensuring their voices are heard. Be the fierce female leader I know you are and set the example for other women, even if you may not have had great examples in your own career.


My only ask is that we puhhhleeeease drop phrases like “Girl Boss” and “Boss Babe.” To quote one of my mentors and coaches, Alison Geskin, “Women did not fight for a seat at the table to be called a ‘Babe.’” Yaaaassss girl!!!


I love social media sites like @thefemalelead for empowering graphics and quotes like the one shown here. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram or LinkedIn.


What experiences have you had – whether positive or negative – with fellow female leaders? How have others helped to empower you and what are steps you have taken to empower other women? I would love to hear from you – add your comments below or drop us a note!


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Until next time – be well!


With Gratitude,

Aymie | The Curvy Shop

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